Sunday, July 22, 2012

Smith Mountain Lake

We took our annual vacation to Smith Mountain Lake again this summer. As always, we had such a wonderful time. My sister Ashley and her family were not able to come this year, so we missed them. However Christine's neighbors came and had 2 preteen girls. They loved carrying and playing with my girls, which made this an actual vacation. I had 4 girls begging to play, dress and carry my girls. I even had a brother in law who made us lunch and brought it out to us while we were laying out on the dock. Perfect life!

 Andy towed his "green pickle" to the lake. He took a few kids out each day. It was actually a very nice relaxing ride. 

One night we had a campfire and smores

 We spent a lot of time in the lake being silly.

What a sweet, sweet cousin pulling Sarah.

Abby loved hanging out with Lauren. She was such a sweet girl!

We took a kid friendly ride behind the boat.  At first, the girls were a little scared, but then they realized Nick was loving it and laughing, so then they realized it was fun and had a blast. It was a much better ride than last year when I was chucked off the raft.
We actually braved a dinner out to eat with 10 kids.
How many kids can ride a 25 cent ride???!
Sing along with Todd on the guitar.
The highlight is always the ice cream boat!!
My beautiful neices are so grown up... I can't believe it.

Todd in his rockstar (and sparkly) glasses.
Guess who is under the blanket.... Nana. Supposedly checking her phone.
Dancing on the dock.
Silly Noah.

Poor Andy... his green pickle kept getting flooded and he would have to scoop the water out. We all got a good laugh at him and the pickle.

 Can't wait until next year!

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