Thursday, February 28, 2008

Visit from Aunt Ashley and cousins

My sister and her girls, Leland and Lucy came to visit us this week. They just came for a short visit, but it was nice to see them. Leland is almost 3 and is a sweet girl with quite a spunky personality. However I do think I traumatized her when I warned her about our fish that tries to (and has once before) jump out of the tank. Leland and Emily had a fun time in the bath tub together. Emily thought it was funny to keep poking Leland's belly button. Lucy is 9 months and a very happy little girl. She army crawls everywhere and loves being in the middle of everything. Emily also enjoyed poking Lucy in the face and eyes. We need to work on the poking!

We played outside in the yard and swung in the hammock. ( I will have to link to Ash's blog when she posts the pictures of the girls in the hammock.) My mom came up for dinner Monday, which was extra nice since she brought the dinner. (Thanks, mom) We also went to the mall for a fun time at the play area. We are so glad Chuck and Ashley moved back to the east coast. I love seeing my cute nieces!


Jennifer said...

Emily is so cute! Love the hair!

Nana said...

So fun to see you all together. All the girls....young and old(I mean mature)were as cute as ever. I love watching the clothing exchange ritual. Five granddaughters equals LOTS of cute outfits to pass around!