Monday, December 27, 2010

O Christmas Tree

We headed out one Saturday to get our Christmas tree. We usually just go to good ol' Home Depot or Lowes to get our trees (Andy usually has a coupon!) This year, he didn't have a coupon, but he did talk the manager into giving it him for a lower price. HA!

It started to snow a little while we were out. The girls don't get terribly excited about snow, but it looked pretty!

We had a few "incidents" with our tree. After it fell over twice (before it was decorated), we realized our tree stand was busted. Big mess - water and pine needles were everywhere! It was just leaned up against the wall for a few days until we could find a stand big enough for the tree.

Finally, we were able to decorate it.
(I have no idea why Emily is wearing a  dress up skirt around neck!)

Most the ornaments were hanging down at the bottom, of course. I had to do some redecorating. :)

The finishing touch!

I think this is our biggest tree yet! It is really, really wide!

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Ashley said...

Emily's face in the snow picture is hilarious.