Saturday, September 10, 2011


We started Abby on rice cereal about a month ago. She seemed a little confused at first, but quickly go the hang of it.  The girls were SO excited to feed her... that lasted about 2 spoonfuls and then they were done. :)

Nana was here for awhile and didn't really want to feed Abby boring cereal. So we have since moved on to the good stuff. So far, she has had green beans, peas, sweet potatoes and bananas. She HATES peas (as do I) but loves sweet potatoes and bananas. It is funny to watch her eat. She lunges for every bite. The other day I met some other moms for breakfast at Chick Fil A. My friend Angie was holding Abby while eating her yogurt. Abby was shaking every time that spoon passed by her face. She wanted it!

And I just made a BUNCH of sweet potato baby food, so if Abby starts looking a little orange, you'll know why!

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