Monday, October 15, 2012

Emily's PIRATE Birthday Party

Emily requested a PIRATE birthday party this year. She has a lot of "boy" friends, so she wanted something both girls and boys would like.  I was initially thrown for a loop, but I think it turned out cute. Of course, I had to do a PINK pirate party.

Sorry this picture is a little dark, but it was the food table. We had Cannonballs (cocktail meatballs), Jolly Rogers (apple slices), Scallywags (fruit kabobs), Shark bait (gold fish crackers) and Fish Stew and chips (chips and salsa). And of course a treasure chest cake full of jewels and coins.

For the games, the kids got a pirate patch, pirate bandana and a sword and got to Walk the Plank and play musical chairs (to pirate music).

Then after eating, we gave them a map that led to the TREASURE (pinata)!

The cake was a little stressful for us inexperienced cake decorators. I actually had to walk away and turn it over to Andy.

Thanks to all her sweet friends, she got a lot of really nice presents.

So glad all of her mateys could help celebrate her 6th birthday!



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