Monday, October 1, 2007

Dixie Classic Fair

We had a fun day on Saturday. We went down to Kernersville and went to the Dixie Classic Fair with the Morris family. The Dixie Classic Fair is much like the State Fair, only a little smaller. And this year there was surprisingly less freaks than usual. For those not familiar with the fair, I can not even begin to explain the people that you will find there. Of course, I can't really say much since I go to the fair every year!

Emily had a great time at her first fair adventure. Here are a few pics:

Here is a video of Emily and I at the petting zoo. Many of you may be shocked to see that I am actually letting the animals eat out of my hands. I must say I was cringing inside, but I had to suck it up for my child. I was trying not to gag from the smell of the place. Despite what it looks like, I am not getting a soft spot for animals.


Christine said...

I cannot EVEN believe you let that llama (or whatever it was) eat out of your hand, I am so proud of you.... but just wait, you are SO going to have a furry pet someday - when Emily starts asking for a dog, kitty or bunny, you are going to be like putty in her will only appease them for so long. :-)

The pics and video are very cute!

Jane Schell said...

You look like an animal lover to me! Emily is so cute...I can't believe she is almost 1 already.