Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Backyard Neighbors

We have some new backyard neighbors --- geese! I am not very excited about this. We thought it was cute the 1st day when we saw them in the pond. We took Emily out there to feed them, but they didn't show any interest in us. But I guess they took it as a gesture that we liked them. Now they have moved from the pond into my yard. Let me just state here that I am terrifed that these things are going to attack me (or Emily)! For now, I just let Emily stand at the window and yell at them. Other than that we avoid them. Anyone know how to get rid of a flock of geese??!


Jo said...

Good Luck! They can be pretty nasty if they feel threatened! I keep my distance and admire from there! Maybe they will leave in search of food...don't feed them!


ps.Thanks for your comment on my blog! I appreciate it.

Ashley said...

Congratulations ! on being pregnant that is !! wow!!i guess i'm a little behind and that's what i get for not keeping up with your blog ! wow, so happy for you.