Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a week!

What did people do before phones, TVs and the Internet?? I had 2 days without (well, I did have my cell phone) and thought I was going to die. Tuesday afternoon we had a bad thunderstorm. It was pouring down rain, wind, thunder, lightning and hail. The thunder was so loud that Emily would not get off my lap. We did have a nice time just sitting on the couch talking and singing, but she would bury her head in my chest during the thunder. There was one loud crash/crackle of thunder and lightning at the same time. Emily and I both jumped, then a picture and vase fell off a shelf in the kitchen. I have since learned that lightning struck 2 trees in our neighbors yards and then fried all the lines. We never lost power just everything else. It took 2 days to get my internet up and that was after I called Bell South numerous times. Since the internet is vital to my job I was a little impatient. I was also a little impatient with my husband who didn't have his cell phone on that evening as he drove home for work. What if the lightening had hit our house.... what is the value of the cell phone that is always turned off. So frustrating!!!

The drama continued while I was making dinner during the storm. I had planned on hamburgers on the grill for dinner. But the storm forced me to cook them on the Foreman grill. So I had the plate of hamburgers sitting on the stove while the grill was warming up. Meanwhile I started to cook some peas. Since I was distracted by the storm and trying to hold scaredy cat Emily while cooking, I turned on the wrong burner for the peas. Emily and I were enjoying quality time on the couch, when we hear the second crash of the evening. The plate of hamburger patties was sitting on the red hot burner. The burgers were sizzling, the plate cracked into 4 pieces and was on fire. Luckily the flames went out when I moved the plate off the burner. Whew! Talk about a stressful evening.... and I still could not get a hold of my husband.

And then.... yes there is more. However this was the next day. It started to rain again while Emily were driving home from our errands. Unfortunately Emily fell asleep on the way home. So I tried to quickly get the sleeping girl into the house in the pouring rain. I must have missed a step or something and tripped on the front porch. Fortunately I caught myself on my elbows and knees and saved Emily from getting hurt. She just woke up and looked around and then went back to sleep on my shoulder. Unfortunately, I tore a hole in my capris and busted up my knees and elbows. Yes Mother, I was wearing flip flops.... but what else do you wear during the summer??! My next house will have a garage so I don't have to carry a sleeping child in the rain. Oh, but last summer I did slip in my dad's garage... during the rain... wearing flip flops... while I was pregnant. I think I see a trend here.
I am happy to say we are back to an Internet suring, phone chatting and TV watching family today.... and it didn't rain.


Jamison said...

ooo..very entertaining, though at your expense. I am sorry for your rough day (or two). Be careful in those dangerous flip flops!


Ashley said...

thanks for sharing your funny story...well,not funny for you...


Fisher Crew said...

I've had the exploding pyrex thing happen to me too because of the same reason. I wish mine had only shattered into 4 pieces. We ended up having to replace our kitchen floor because of the burns it caused. I am so glad you weren't in the kitchen when it happened!!

TK Family said...

Suzanne, that was a great series of events. Thanks for sharing. Glad Emily and Sarah are ok-and hopefully your knees heal soon. Definately a fear of mine, falling with a baby in my arms-
On another note. It was great to have you in washington. Didn't get to talk to you enough. I am glad you all had such a nice time. It is fun to see you three sisters have such a strong bond. I hope my kids will later in life too.

Sarah said...

This made me laugh out loud in a cafe. Thanks.

But I didn't really like the sound of busted up knees and elbows. Did you hear that bandaids are "in"? Yep, check out the New York Times style archive if you don't believe me.

Also, I'm barely handling our dog, Sadie, these days...shudder to think of having a baby (or two) in the mix. In the last two days, Sadie ate a pair of my panties (is that an ok word to use on this blog?) in about five seconds. Then, she pulled a fresh-out-of-the-oven peach crisp onto the floor. Then, she destroyed Patrick's watch *which was a graduation gift.* In dog years, I think she may be in her rebellious teens...or she might be bipolar, or have multiple personality disorder, or she might just be a dog.