Friday, August 1, 2008


What happened to my sweet little baby girl??! She has suddenly becoming this sassy little girl that knows how to get what she wants. Luckily she still has her sweet moments too. When we leave the house, she must grab her "essentials" - baby doll, sunglasses and cell phone. She definitely gets lots of looks as she struts her stuff through Target toting all her things.


Christine said...

Oh my! She is too funny (and cute).


ahhh the joys of having girls. just wait until she won't leave the house without a hairbow, NEEDS to wear a dress all of the time, needs her toenails painted constantly, and tells you that everything is beautiful.... jut to name a few :)

Ashley said...

She's the same age that Leland was when she started that. luckily Leland grew out of the purse and cell phone thing, but she still wants to always wear her sunglasses.