Monday, June 14, 2010

In the Kitchen

Sarah's new favorite activity is pushing the kitchen chairs over to the counters and just standing there trying to get into everything. UGH!
I spend all day telling her to get down... she doesn't listen very well. Now I just give her things to do, like emptying the silverware basket into the drawer (she doesn't separate the utensils very well though) or give her containers to play with. I have also introduced her to baking (not that I am a very advanced baker), but she loves it. Emily has also enjoyed it too.
Really they just love licking the beaters!
Chocolate cookies with white chips

Homemade pizza crust

Sugar cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles


Allison said...

I love Sarah's smile...she's such a cheese!

Ashley said...

the first pic of Emily reminds me of you!! Your girls are so cute. :)