Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Olivia (the Pig)

Every week we go to storytime at Barnes and Noble. One week we realized that OLIVIA would be coming to the next storytime! For those that don't know, Olivia is a little girl pig that has a TV show and books. On the way there Emily said, "Mom, how is Olivia going to get out of the TV and into the mall?" I replied with "Magic", which is what I always say when I can't explain it.
She said, "No, I think she is going to jump!"

Sarah anxiously awaiting Olivia's arrival. However I don't think she realized a 6 foot pig was getting ready to walk into the room. When she did realize it, she freaked out!


Getting a hug!

Poor Sarah was shaking during this picture. (She feels the same way about the Chick Fil a cow)


Carolina Chocolate said...

We love Olivia! How fun to see her at story time. Great picture of all of you. I did laugh at Sarah...so cute.

Allison said...

Arden loves Olivia, too! I think she'd freak out like Sarah, though. :)