Thursday, May 27, 2010

18 months old

This is a little late.... but here is a little tribute to Sarah since she is now 18 months old!

Sarah is the happiest and friendliest girl. She waves to everyone she passes. She evens waves to me every time I walk into the room. So cute! She smiles so easily and tries to catch peoples' eyes to give them a smile.

She loves getting attention, no matter if is good or bad attention. She will continue something naughty just to get the attention, like throwing food at dinner!

She is already a major TV and junkfood junkie. Oh no!

She fits into the little sister role perfectly. She loves to annoy Emily when they sit side by side in the car grocery carts. She leans all over her and rubs both her hands in Emily's hair until Emily screams... and then she does it some more. However she also loves to give her kisses and wants to do EVERYTHING Emily is doing.

Speaking of kissing, Sarah is the best kisser and loves to do it. She kisses squarely on the middle of the lips and will do it repeatedly.

She loves to color and gets really mad if you try to take a crayon or marker away from her, hence the few marks on the wall now. And colors on herself, as you can see below.

She knows alot of body parts and animal sounds and counts to 3. Her pig sound is the greatest. My mom tried to teach her a pig snort, but now she makes this gurgle sound from the back of her throat. I make her do over and over.

Some of her good friends are Olivia (left) and Zoe (right)... and she really likes a lot of Emily's friends too, Kaitlyn, Logan and Simon.

She LOVES getting her picture taken and yells "CHEESE" really loud and gets really close to the camera. It is pretty cute, unless you are trying to take a picture of something other than Sarah.

She will carry on a "converstation" with you for quite awhile, and the whole thing is just complete babble.

She is learning new words every day. Her new favorite word is "MINE" Pretty sure she learned that from her big sister. She plays this game where she is starts to give you something, then takes it back and says, "MMMMMIIIIINNNNNEEEEEE!"

She loves to wrestle and be tickled. If she is on the bed with you, she will just jump on to get a wrestle match going.
She gets pretty excited when she hears the garage door open. She runs to the door screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!"
She loves to dance. She has this cute foot stomping and shoulder pumping move that cracks us up. I even signed her up for dance lessons in the fall.
Sadly, she does not like nursery at church. Well actually she does enjoy it, if we are in there with her. Music time and bubbles are her favorite.
I could go on and on about the cute, funny things Sarah does. We love everything about her. She is so happy and makes us laugh all day long. She is definitely an important part of our family.
Love you Sarah Baby!


Ashley said...

what a cutie! I miss that little girl.

Amy M said...

What is it about the second child that makes them such an instigator? Our Seth will keep bothering Paul until he gets some type of reaction, and when it comes to wrestling on the floor, you can guess who gets things started. I wonder if I was that way with my older sister since I am also the second-born.