Friday, August 6, 2010


My little sister Layni came to visit for a few days. The girls love when she comes over, as do I. We went to the pool, did our usual mall/storytime trip, saw Shrek 3 at the free summer movie, went to the park, played outside in the sprinkler and I even managed to survive a grocery shopping trip with 3 kids!

I love this picture of Layni and Sarah!

Layni had a blast jumping into this tiny pool. I am not sure how she didn't break her tail bone since there really wasn't that much water in there.

Even though Layni thinks she is too cool to play princesses and my little ponies, her and Emily had lots of fun playing with the ponies!

I let Layni take lots of pictures of us. This is our "funny face" one except Sarah got cut out of the picture. Sarah's funny face is just too cute, so we had to take one of her by herself.

We had such a blast with Layni and can't wait for her to come back again.

It was my dad's birthday while Layni was here, so we made him some cupcakes to bring when we met him to give Layni back. As you can tell, Layni was not in the mood for anymore pictures, but I'd like to think she was just sad to be leaving me.

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