Monday, August 9, 2010

We Luv Chick Fil A!

Really we love free food and since we seem to get a lot of it at Chick Fila... we love them!
Recently they had their annual cow apprecation day, which is where you get a free combo meal if you dress up like a cow. So of course we dressed up!

Two of the cutest cows I have ever seen!

Such a cute cow family, if you ask me

We usually also stop by Chick Fila after dance class for Family Night (Free kid's meal with adult combo). They are usually doing a craft or have a clown there for face painting.

On Saturday, they had the cast of Beauty and the Beast there. A local theatre group was putting on Beauty and the Beast this week, so they were there to promote the show. There was a drawing and I won! I won 4 tickets to the pay, 2 backstage passes for the play, 4 combo meals and a stuffed cow!

Do you understand my love for Chick Fila now??!


Ashley said...

Wow! when is the play?

Carolina Chocolate said...

Oh, I know what you mean. We love it too! You guys look great as cows and, holy cow!, you got free tickets to a play! Niiice.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE these pictures. Did you make those shirts?? So adorable! And yay for winning the tickets, that's really cool! Sure miss you guys. Hope everything is going well friend!

Fisher Crew said...

You blog loaded really quickly this time!

You all were so cute with your cow outfits! Congratulations on your prize!