Sunday, September 5, 2010


The girls started dance recently. This is Emily's second year and she is doing a tap/ballet combo class again with the same teacher, Ms. Dawn. Dawn is also the owner and we LOVE her! Emily's class is perfect for her. There is about 5 girls and Emily is one of the older ones. Dawn said Emily really talks alot this year in class and often takes the lead in class. That is exactly why we started her in dance, so that makes me happy.
I decided to start Sarah in dance too. She just loves music and dancing and was pretty much banging on the door to get in Emily's class last year. She actually even knew some of the moves to the dances Emily did in the recital, so I figured she was ready.

Sarah really likes her teacher, Ms. Amy. She is kind of the teacher's pet. :) She didn't cry the first week, but just kind of stood there like the picture below. She eventually started dancing. However she has been a little more clingy the last 2 weeks. She gets jealous when Ms. Amy has to hold another sad girl because she wants Amy's attention. She sure is a cute little ballerina though!


Lindsay said...

Simply adorable, both of them! I love little Sarah in her pink tights. Such cute girls.

Erin Marriott said...

Oh, I just love these girls!! Look how cute they are in their little pink tights and tu-tu's! And I bet Sarah is loving her new class! These girls are so much fun!