Friday, August 5, 2011

Marbles Museum

Recently we went with our Joyschool group to Marbles museum. As usual, there was a lot of crazy, chaotic fun. The kids love this place. The moms tried to sit and chat, but that is not really a possibility these days. The one moment I did find a chair and sat down, I realized Abby had a major blowout and got it all over my pants. As I picked her up it was streaming down like a faucet out both sides. Oh my! Thankfully Erin and Lindsay were quick thinkers and we got it all under control and cleaned... as much as we could!

These girls are getting much better at taking group pictures.
You think they would have it down pat at this point since we attempt one at every gathering!

I love this picture of Sarah kicking the soccer ball.

These 3 girls used to be our babies at the Joyschool activities....

but now we have NEW babies. Crazy!

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Lindsay said...

That was a fun day, despite Abby's little accident down you. And at least none of our kids got lost, so that is always a plus. :) I can't believe that our middle children are no longer the babies, isn't it crazy??