Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smith Mountain Lake

At the end of July, we had a nice vacation with my family at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. It has become an annual trip and we always have so much fun. The house is perfect for everyone and is right on the lake with a beach like entry into the water. Todd brings his boat and takes everyone out for fun rides.
Of course, we take lots of pictures...

There is nothing better than to see pure joy in your children's face. Emily loved being in the water and playing with her cousins.

Sarah was not as excited about the water. We would have to take her in kicking and screaming, but she would be OK once she got settled on my lap. However she would hold on to me for dear life when the waves from a boat would start rocking us.

The daily visit from the ice cream boat was the favorite time of day!

The boat rides were also a big hit!

Last year, Andy would only ride with a kid so that he could guarantee not to get thrown from the raft. However this year, he agreed to ride with me... and of course we got thrown! Thankfully I didn't get kicked in the face, but we did take a nasty spill! OUCH!

And for some reason, I agreed to get back out there with my sister and get jerked around some more.

Todd is a pro at hanging on for dear life!

Sarah was pretty happy just hanging out on the shore and with her 2 favorite buddies, Nana and Charly.

Our annual group shot...

 All the kids!
Yes, we have a lot of girls...

 but thankfully we do have 2 of the cutest boys ever!

This year Dad came up for one night too.
There is nothing better than family!

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Lindsay said...

Oh, what a fun little getaway! I am kind of jealous that you get to take these amazing vacations with all of your family. :) I LOVE all the pictures of everyone having a great time--even the one of you taking a spill. :) Glad you had a fabulous vacation!