Saturday, June 30, 2012

Family Fun Day

Our town had a "Family Fun Day" a few days before the 4th of July. The morning started off with a parade. The girls decorated their jeep and set off for a ride....

Look at these patriotic beauties...

 Our wonderful spectators endured the sweltering heat.

 We cooled off with a nice lunch.

Then Andy took the girls  to really cool off with a Fire Dept Spray Down. All the kids go to the baseball field   and a couple of firemen spray everyone down with their hoses. I think Andy was tempted to join in. 

Emily was really into it

and finally Sarah decided to join in.

 Then we headed over to the Turners for a cook out and then fireworks.

Sarah LOVES Landen and asked to see him again for at least a month after this night.

Mamas and babies

 Nana and Abby.... I think they were both worn out from all the festivities!

The girls.... and a photo bomber!
 I love days filled with hanging out family and friends!

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