Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Little Emily

Here is a picture of Emily in her new place favorite place. I had to clean all of the stuff off the bottom of the shelf, so she wasn't pulling it all out. So then she started climbing up there to play. She just hangs out on the shelf, laughing and kicking her feet. Of course, she usually falls out or bumps her head on the top shelf, so it doesn't always end that great.

One of my former coworkers came over to visit us with her new baby, Aidan. He is 2 months old and weighs just 2 lbs less than Emily! That is crazy! Our doctor suggested giving her some Carnation instant breakfast in her milk and yogurt made with whole milk, so I have started to do that. The other day I went to get her out of her high chair after breakfast and noticed brownie crumbs all over her. I questioned Andy on this and he had guilt written all over his face. I had to remind him that brownies for breakfast was not one of the doctor's suggestions. We are going back to the doctor next week for her flu shot and will have to see if she has gained any weight in the last month.

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Christine said...

Hey, I have been guilty of eating brownies for breakfast a few times happens to the best of us!