Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Travels

We are back from our holiday travels. Emily is either so excited to be home that she was unpacking her suitcase as fast as she could or she wanted to go back that she was packing herself in the suitcase. She handled all the traveling pretty well, but she definitely had her moments since she was running on just one nap a day. Thankfully, today she was back on her two nap schedule.

On Wednesday, we drove down to my mom and Larry's house. Mom and I cooked a really good Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people!!! Of course we did have a few mishaps, here are a few:
  • Mom bought black cherry kool aid instead of black cherry jello for her cranbery jello salad.
  • When mom got back from her 11pm run to the grocery store, Larry secretly switched the jello in the grocery bag with another flavor they had in the house. For about 3 minutes we thought mom was losing her mind and had bought the wrong stuff -again.
  • Mom cut herself 3 times with her new Cutco knives.
  • Mom almost burnt the house down when she turned the oven on and forgot she had been keeping the roasting pan complete with the plastic wrap and label in the oven - burning plastic is not a pleasant smell.
Notice, that I was not the cause of any mishaps. Love you mom! Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving and some before and after pictures of my turkey. Not to brag, but I was very proud of my turkey. It was yummy!

Then Andy's favorite day of the year came... Black Friday!!! Nana decided she couldn't let her little grandbaby be woken up at 4:30, so she stayed home with Emily, who was still asleep when we got back. Since mom lives in a tiny town, there were no mile long lines to deal with. (We steered clear of Walmart!) We bought plenty of fun little things, however I must admit Black Friday is pretty much a boys' holiday, I couldn't find many girly things.

Then we headed down to my dad's house, where my sister was visiting. All the girls had a fun time together.

Then we had one more stop to get together with Andy's family.

And I love that my birthday is always around Thanksgiving, because I get to celebrate with all my family. I wasn't going to reveal how old I turned, but the picture gives it away. I am doing OK with this milestone, however please don't point out my gray hairs, that might send me over the edge!


Nana said...

At 30 you are so wise and talented. I could not have fed all those people without you. My house probably would have burned down or I would have bleed to death from the Cutco. Remember next year we are going to plan a big breakfast and some snacks to satisfy the masses while we cook. Otherwise it was a perfect meal especially the turkey and stuffing.

Ashley Gates said...

I loved this post. I was dying laughing reading all the mishaps - and then noticed none included you. We love you mom.

It was nice to see you. Hope to see you around Christmas.

Jane Schell said...


Welcome to the 30's. You will love them...I think life only gets better! Happy belated Birthday!!

Christine said...

OH how I wish we could have been there to enjoy the mishaps and all of you. Mom had already shared some of her mishaps with me - funny that they were DIFFERENT from the ones you posted! That must have been SOME Thanksgiving!! Mom, we love you so much - you are such a good sport to endure all of our teasing!

Happy 30th Suzie!

Miss you all and can't wait to see everyone at Christmas (see how I am just assuming that you, Andrew and Emily are coming - the power of positive thinking)!

Anonymous said...
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