Monday, December 10, 2007

Physical Therapy

I had Emily evaluated a few weeks ago with the Early Intervention program. They came to the house and used the Mullen Scales to evaulate her gross motor, fine motor, visual reception, receptive language and expressive language. Everything was normal except for the gross motor skills, in which she was significantly delayed. She is at the level of a 10 month old, which isn't too delayed in my opinion, but regardless they suggested physical therapy. They noted that she had low muscle tone, which is not surprising to anyone that has seen her bird legs.

Today was the first day of physical therapy. I really like it because they come out to the house. Today the therapist did a lot of playing just to get Emily warmed up to her. She showed me a few positions that will help stregthen her core muscles. She is pulling up on the couch and ottoman, but when she does she rests her body against the furniture and not really putting much weight on her feet. So we need to work on that. It was interesting to watch Emily during the therapy. Anytime she was not sure about something or frustrated, she would go for her favorite pink kitty and hold it. It has definitely become her security blanket. The therapist will be coming once a week and she thinks she will be walking by 18 months.

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Nana said...

I think "mother like daughter" applies here. You were a very late walker and dainty like Emily. I didn't know about low muscle tone but I'm sure that was the case with you and Christine. Christine walked even later than you. It all evens out I'm the one who can't walk and has low muscle tone.