Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekend Travels

So Andy just asked if I was updating my blog because "it has been a long time since you posted anything." So once again I apologize for the lack of posts. I am not sure where all my time is going... it is either my little girl banging on the front door to get outside, the 20 hours a week I spend working for Professional Image, or the stomach bug that wiped me out yesterday and had me in the bathroom all night last night. ( I know, more information than you want to know!)

This weekend we went up to Virgina for my neice, Leland's 3rd birthday. The party was lots of fun. We hung out at the park and then went back to my sister's house to eat lunch, open presents and eat cake and ice cream. It was a "pink party" and there was lots of pink! My other sister and her family were also there, as well as Nana and Aunt Barbara. So it was lots of fun hanging out with family and seeing all the cousins playing together. However I didn't get many pictures, so look at my sister Ashley's blog to see the fun party and the cute castle cake she made. Here are some pics the kids at the park.

The trip was much easier to handle than usual since Emily had her "Nanny" sitting next to her. One evening Emily fell asleep while holding Nana's hand. I think Nana was in heaven and Emily probaby was too. Nana loves all her grandkids as you can see in the picture with all the kids.

Sunday we decided to drive home by way of Kernersville, not really on the way home. But we were able to go to church back were I grew up, so it was really nice to see everyone and showing off Emily. We also got to see Andy's family and meet his new nephew, Maverick Paul Morris. He is a cutie and luckily Emily didn't poke out his eyes!

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Lindsay said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. It was so fun to see you today. That little Emily is so adorable in every way! Let's plan another play date soon. See you on Sunday