Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts

Last week we had an Easter Egg Hunt with our joyschool group. There were some cute activities and yummy treats and of course, the hunt.

I am pretty sure Emily's mouth is stuffed with candy in this picture. Of course Sarah was a good little girl during the activity, as usual!

Then today we went to a BIG hunt at a family's house from church. They had filled and hid over 3,000 eggs. That is a lot of work and we had lots of fun.... until.... Emily got stung by a wasp.... twice. She, of course, SCREAMED, but calmed down once we got some ice on it.

All of these Easter Egg hunts remind me of last year's Easter when Emily had just started walking and it took FOREVER to get to each egg. I can't believe how much she grown in one year!

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Ashley said...

I love that your girls are both wearing shirts from me. My girls didn't wear either of those shirts very much. I'm glad that the "first Easter" one fits Sarah.