Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who Knew??!

Many of you know that Emily is pretty shy. She won't let many people hold her. She won't even talk to many people. She usually want to stay right by mommy's side. I would say she doesn't really enjoy going out of her comfort zone. Little did we know her comfort zone included being on stage.
My mom was in charge of getting some kids together for a preshow performance before a play in her community. Last week Emily stayed 3 nights with my mom and therefore attended some of these practices. Well this weekend was the play, so my sisters and I headed down to my mom's. My neices and nephews were going to be in the performance, but I wasn't even going to try to get Emily up on stage. I thought for sure that she would throw a fit. However during the dress rehearsal, I turned around and she was headed for the stage! She knew all the words and hand motions!

So we threw a red shirt on her and sent her backstage with my mom. I was so nervous she was going to burst into tears when she saw all the people in the audience (about 300)! But she did a great job! I was so proud!
Look at her face in shock at all the people in the audience!

OK, so maybe she was a little off with the hands motions, but she was still cute shaking her hips on stage!

These two little boys got into a fight during the middle of the song. I have no idea who they are!

Just kidding... I do know them and LOVE my little nephews. However that certain 2 year on the right had everyone fooled by acting so innocent during the dress rehearsal. He stole the show and was full of all kinds of shenangians for the performance (including jumping repeatedly on the expensive micrphone my mom was told to protect with her life!)

At least my neices behaved themselves. Afton and Leah are in the first picture - on the front row on the end. And cute Leland on the right.

Now I am excited to get Emily enrolled in dance when she turns 3. Hopefully she won't be like her mom. Twice I quit dance right before the recital because I didn't want to get on stage!

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Carolina Chocolate said...

I love it! What a shock for you to see her up there performing her little heart out. Very cute. You know, I could see my E up on stage feeling quite comfortable.