Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4th of July

4th of July was pretty low key around here. Once we got back from the lake, we realized Emily had pink eye. Ewww! Turns out my sister's family had it too and the pharmacist at the lake said it was going around because of all the bacteria in the lake. Ewww again!

We did manage to stop by our community's celebration for just a bit. However once we got there, we learned they had to postpone the fireworks for the next night. We decided not to go back the next night because the slighest mention of the word 'fireworks' brings tears to Emily's eyes. She really does not like loud noises and it is not worth it to take her if she isn't going to enjoy it. Making year we will try it again.

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Ashley said...

I love the strangler hold/hug that Emily has on Sarah.