Monday, July 19, 2010


We had lots of fun trying to cool pictures out on the lake. It is especially fun to catch a good wipeout. We took 1000's of pictures, but I just picked a few.

Chuck being very serious about his ride

Chuck has a signature tongue hanging out face

Don't you like that wipeout??! The raft is no where in sight, but you can see Chuck hitting the water.

Todd had some good faces too.

About to fall out, but he held on!

Pretty good wipeout, huh??!

However this was the best wipeout of the week!!! Ouch!

Unfortunately there aren't any cool pictures of Andy. He refused to be pulled by Chuck and Todd without a kid in the raft with him. He said he was traumatized as a teenager being dragged around the lake. He didn't want to break his neck.

Here is a pic of him and Afton.
(I think he is crying.... love ya babe!)


Carolina Chocolate said...

Traumatized??? That's a good one Andy! Are you referring to the boating trip I mentioned in the last post? Hahahaha!!!! That was so funny!

Andrew said...

Let me set the statement straight. Yes, I was traumatized when I was a teenager. Yes, ONE of those times was on a youth trip where I ended up doing kart-wheels several times on the water (not by my choice and one of the reasons why I have a twitch today). Yes, there is a relationship between a boat captain and a fat boy on a raft and its need for speed. I have learned this does not work for someone that is thick in the center and skinny on the limbs. That is why I carry insurance of having a kid with me. Thank you :)