Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the Lake

I am so glad we had a boat while we were at the lake. Everyone loved riding in the boat or getting pulled behind. Here are a few pics of everyone on the raft.
Ashley and I went together

It started out as a nice peaceful ride

Then Todd let us have it

Somehow we managed to stay on the raft through all that, but then Todd flooded our raft at the very end and we flew out the back.
We had fun, but I was sore the next day!

Nana and Steen


Nick and Leland... how stinkin cute are they??!

Emily and Andy
Emily had fun, but didn't want to go out the next day because she said she didn't like all the water hitting her face. However she did go out later with Andy again and then she told me she just pretended it was candy hitting her face and not water! :)

Ashley and Lucy
I will do another post with some of Todd and Chuck's adventures. We got some cool pictures!

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Carolina Chocolate said...

So funny. I laughed out loud at your pics! The kids are adorable. I haven't been boating in years. Andy may even remember the last time I went. It was with a bunch of people including Jeff and the Eckholts. Good times!