Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Buds

Once a month we swap babysitting with some friends, so we can have date night. The kids came to our house last month. I thought the pics were cute, so I wanted to post them.

Emily and Logan made pizzas, however as you can see they really just enjoyed eating the cheese. At dinner, the kids all sat down to eat and were actually all quiet and enjoying dinner. Then Logan goes, "Soooooo Emmie, how was your day today?" It was so grownup of him and made me laugh out loud. Then they proceeded to have this conversation about their day, which was quite comical.

Sarah and Zoe actually play together better than the older two. They had a routine going where they would follow each other out of the office, hug by the stairs and the start screaming and run back into the office and attack Emily and Logan. They did this at least 10 times. I was laughing so hard!!

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