Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Princess!

Here are a few tidbits about our princess as she turns 4!

She loves to play dress up.

She loves to draw, paint and color. She always has a notepad and pen in her hand and loves to draw cute pictures of princess and princes.

 She enjoys spending time by herself in her room with door closeed (however little Sarah does not like this).

She loves her princess dolls and barbies.

She can be quite sassy at times... particulary in the morning (kind of like her momma!).

She is very observant and it is quite interesting to watch her mind process things.

She loves her ballet/tap class.

She loves her sister Sarah. I overheard her trying to teach Sarah how to say "Beauty and the Beast." She said, "I know, Sarah. It is a tricky one to say, but good try!" What a good big sister!

However she does not enjoy sharing her toys with Sarah, but they are getting better.

She loves to watch The Little Mermaid and  Beauty and the Beast. It is so sweet to hear her sing the songs in the movies. She knows all the words.

She loves for me to read stories to her at night.

 She has started to show interest in writing and reading words. She is always asking how to spell words so she can write them.

She loves being silly and loves to cuddle.

She only has a collection of "stuff" in some sort of box or bag. Right now, her collection is in plastic pumpkin bucket and includes a lot of pens, a jump rope, a notepad and a lot of random stuff. If I ever lose something, I can usally find it in her bucket.

Some of her new phrases include, "cool," "awesome", "weird", and "this is boring." Oh, and she called me a "ho" tonight, but I am pretty sure it was just because it rhymed with something I said to her. I can't remember whtat I said, but I started laughing pretty hard, which just made her say it more.

We love our little Emmie! She makes me smile and I love watch her grow and become more independent.

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