Thursday, October 28, 2010

State Fair 2010

Last week Andy took a day off work, so we could go all go to the fair. Andy's family is REALLY into the fair. They go to the Dixie Classic fair in Winston Salem every year. It is always a big deal and usually someone has entered something into the fair. Andy won a few 4H awards back in the day.

Emily obviously has inherited this love for the fair because she talks about going all year long. She was counting down the days. She wants to ride every ride... and of course we let her and take a million pictures of her on just about every ride.

Sarah isn't really a fan of rides. We tried her on the merry go round and it didn't go well, so she just hung out in the stroller.

There was a cute little exhibit that had a photo op area outside. Then inside the girls each got a basket to "pick" fruit. Then they sold the fruit and the farmer's market for $5. Then they got to go buy a bag of goodies at the store with their $5. It was so cute and the girls loved. I especially loved the coloring area they had set up because it meant I got to take a break and sit down for awhile!

We also got to take another break and watch Hubba Bubba the Clown. At one point, he asked for a volunteer to come on stage. I wasn't really sure if Emily knew why she was raising her, but I guess she did because he picked her and she went right up on stage.

He said he was going to give her a magic wand to wave and everyone would say Abracadabra and she would turn into a clown. Well, all the wands were "silly" (as Emily said). Either they would go limp or stretch out and multiply. At the end he waved a wand and a clown poster came down with a hold for her head.... and she was a clown! Pretty silly, I know, but it was her favorite part of the fair she said. She was so cute up there giggling.

She always enjoys the pony rides. Next year I probably won't even walk beside her.

We did let Sarah get out of the stroller every once in awhile. She really loved dancing to the bluegrass music

Back to the rides...

Andy is not a fan of rides, however he does enjoy the kiddie rides. They are more his style!

Even though Sarah did not enjoy any rides, she was really quite content in her stroller and enjoyed watching everything. I guess she is a Morris after all. :)
Oh, and did I mention we were there from 9 AM to 7 PM!!! Wow, my feet were so sore when we got home. Andy and I could barely make it inside. Sarah passed out on the way home, but Emily was still going strong! She can't wait for next year!


Carolina Chocolate said...

SO FUN!! What a great time. I LOVE the picture of Andy on the merry go round. ;)

Ashley said...

all of your pictures are awesome. Emily in the clown show is great.

Lindsay said...

I love that Andy is so into the fair! You got some really great pictures of the girls. Emily was so cute up on stage with the clown. Glad you guys had such a wonderful time!