Monday, October 11, 2010

Joyschool - Petco Tour

For our latest joyschool outing, we took a tour of Petco. Emily was very excited because she loves going to the pet store and looking at all the animals.

They started off with the guinea pig and ferret. She likes to pet the animals, but doesn't necessarily want to hold them.

The chincilla is her favorite animal at the pet store, but he was too scared and they couldn't get him to come out.

Looking at some kind of lizard, I think. Right after Emily walked away, the lizard jumped on the little girl in red. Surprisingly she didn't freak out. I am pretty sure Emily might have.

Sarah was NOT into petting the animals. She liked the ones she could just look at through the glass. (And she liked talking to her always)

Sadly Andy and I are not animal people, however the only pet we may consider for the girls is a beta fish. They don't lick you or poop on your floor, so I could probably handle it.

Definitely won't be getting a bird - they poop on your head. Yes, it has happened to me... a few times!

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