Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

Emily's preschool put on a wonderful Mother's Day Tea this year. Emily was so excited. She was counting down the days and started to worry when she got sick. She was afraid she was going to miss it, thankfully we didn't. She was very adamant about what I should wear and made sure I put on make up and did my hair that day.
(Obviously she is well aware of days I don't wear make up or do my hair!)

Of course, Sarah wanted a picture too!

 The kids put on a darling show for us. They sang cute little songs and had made us some cute gifts --a tissue paper corsage, mod podge vase, framed picture and put together a cute booklet. After the songs, we enjoyed strawberry shortcakes (Emily's favorite) and then got to dance with them. It was so sweet and I was definitely teary eyed the whole time.

Emily holding the corsage she made me.

 Then I got to spend Mother's Day with my 3 little girls.
I am sure one lucky mama!

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