Friday, May 18, 2012

Emily's Preschool Graduation

Emily's preschool put on a really cute graduation ceremony. It definitely made the kids feel very special and grown up. Hopefully it made her feel independent and excited about kindergarten. However even though she has finished preschool, I am NOT ready to start talking about kindergarten. I am still in denial and she will always be my baby!

My tears started flowing as soon as the Director and Preacher started the ceremony. However once I got through the inital set of tears, I was good to go for the rest of the time. I even managed to hold in the tears while the kids walked in to 'Pomp and Circumstance' in wearing their cap and gown. Seriously, she looked so grown up to me!

All the kids went up front and sang A LOT of songs.
I think even the kids got a little bored toward the end. :)

Then the teachers called up each child to walk across the stage and get their diploma.
I love how it was like a "real" graduation!

Emily and her teachers, Mrs. Keitha and Mrs. Jane. We loved her teachers.
They were so sweet and fun with the kids and really cared about each child.

Emily and her best bud, Logan.
I was so glad these two could be in the same class. They are both a little shy and reserved, but preschool really helped open them up alot.

Nana with the graduate!

We are so proud of Emily. She learned so much this year and never once complained about going to preschool. I know she will be a great student. She is trying hard to start reading before kindergarten starts. She is a wonderful big sister to Abby and Sarah. They both look up to her.

We love you Emily!
You are such a special little girl and as sad as I may to send you away to Kindergarten, I know you will be successful in all that you set out to do.

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