Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our week so far...

Here are a few cute things Emily has been doing this week:

  • Learned the sign for "cookie" (she doesn't quite have it right, but I know what she means). Unfortunately, I was out of cookies when she made the sign during snack time and could not give her one and that lead to crying. I need to have separate cookie jars for Daddy and Emily so he won't eat all the cookies next time.
  • Picked up the remote control and being flipping through the channels until she found a cartoon, then she put down the remote and began watching TV. (pretty sad, huh?)
  • Had an Easter egg hunt with her physical therapist. She LOVED it. I actually have the flower girl's basket from our wedding and it is the perfect size for her to hold while walking around the yard. (She is still holding on to my hand while walking, but just holding one of my hands, and not both, is a big improvement).
  • Spent some time in the yard with her dad today and said "tree" and "pa" for pond.
  • Learning her animal sounds. Right now everything says "baa", not just sheep. However with prompting and encouragment she will mimic a cow, dog, lion and elephant sounds.
  • Went to Katelyn's house to play in the sand box and looking forward to playing with Simon tomorrow.

And some not so cute things I did this week:

  • Dropped an entire crock pot full of Broccoli and Cheese soup in the foyer of church creating a nasty mess that had to be cleaned up.
  • Pretty sure I said a curse word in church while I was dropping the soup (but I was in the foyer, so maybe I wasn't really considered "in" the church yet, right?).
  • Continued to drop a number of items and trip over the lap top cord when I got home from church (Andy nicely suggested I should just go straight to bed before I broke something).
  • Somehow spilled a sippy cup of milk on the couch and myself. I can't figure it out because when I picked up the cup the lid was screwed on tight.
  • Bought Emily 3 new Easter dresses and 4 new Easter outfits for my self. - don't worry next week I will be returning the ones I have now rejected.
  • Put Emily's shoes on the wrong feet and had her walking around all day like that until someone at church noticed it. And we all wonder why Emily is not walking yet!


Ashley said...

Leland for a while called most animals a puppy because that's the only word she could say.

In all of the dropping, I'm glad to hear Emily was never the one dropped.

Nana said...

Of the latter list, it sounds like a day in my life. I'm sure that is a little scary for you. But let me tell you from comes and goes. Love ya lots!