Monday, June 16, 2008

A week with Nana!

Last week Andy had classes to attend all week at Campbell University, so Emily and I went to spend the week with Nana and Larry. We had a very nice visit. Emily is still dealing with her separation anxiety. She wouldn't let anyone else hold her and would cry if I left the room, but at least she didn't want to be held all the time. She had a fun time playing with Nana's toys and exploring her house. She had new many cabinets and drawers to go through and she enjoyed playing with Larry.

We spent a few days at the pool. The first day Emily just walked around the baby pool. I thought she would get in with me, but she didn't really care to. She just wanted to dip cups into the pool and throw toys into the pool. The second day Katie and her kids came to the pool too. I just got into the big pool with Emily and she loved it. It was nice visiting with Katie and her kids at the pool. We always enjoy visiting with Katie and Tyler and their kids whenever we come in town. They are in my mom's ward and have become friends with all of us. Mom and I watched their kids one morning and Emily loved following Hannah around and eating lunch with the big kids.

My mom likes to say she lives in a retirement community which I always correct her and say that it isn't officially a retirement community it just so happens that a lot of Northerners have retired to her neighborhood. However the fact that the pool opens at 6 AM (that is really early)and that when we got there at 9 in the morning there was at least 50 women over 50 in a water aerobics class, makes me think it is correct in saying it is a retirement community. The neighborhood is also on the sound and has a really nice marina that we took a walk on so Emily could see all the boats (one of her new words).

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