Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Parties,Parties and more Parties

Whew! We have had some really busy (and fun) last few days. I am thankful to finally be able to sit down and relax. However I do have a messy house I should be tending to. Here is a rundown of the past few days and some pictures to go along....

Thursday: I got my hair chopped off, very short. I think I am finally used to it. However each day it looks different to me - I don't understand that, but I am working with it.

Friday: We went over to Jennifer and Jonathan's to watch a movie. Emily and Simon had a blast together. Emily loves being chased and Simon was more than willing to chase her. They were screeching and squealing so loudly we had to keep turning the movie up. They finally went down around 10 pm. They are such cute buddies!

Saturday: We went to a pool party for Emily's friend Kaitlyn's 2nd birthday. It was a really nice pool with a spray area and really had a good time. It was cute to see all the kids from nursery playing together. Andy had a fun time throwing Emily up in the air and our friend Christy got some amazing pictures of her.

Then we went to a wedding for my friend Connie. It was so much fun to see all my girlfriends that I haven't seen in awhile. And Emily was a dancing machine. She found the cutest boy there - the ring bearer and choose him as her dancing partner. I can't even explain how CUTE they were. Here is a video...

Sunday: After church, we went to our neighbor's Katelyn's 2nd birthday party. Emily made herself right at home and walked right in and started playing with all her toys and then opening all the presents. We fed the girls their pizza at a kids' table and they looked like such big girls. They were so proud of themselves eating out of their high chairs. They were so cute switching places and eathing off each other's plates. We are so sad Katelyn is going to be moving in a few months. Even the mere mention of the name Katelyn elicits a very loud shriek from Emily. I am going to have to get it on video one day. It is hilarious.

Monday: I spent the day with my college girls. Courtney spent the night Sunday night and then Katherine and her girl Avery and Michelle came over Monday. We hung out all day and then went to Ashley's house for a baby shower for Erin.

Tuesday: My mom and Katie and her 2 girls came up for the night. Katie's little girl needed to have surgery at Duke, so we watched her other daugther during her appointments. Emily loved having a playmate over and having her Nana here.
We have had some major accomplishments with Emily's separation issues -- On Monday Emily let my friend Michelle actually pick her up and put her in the car, carry into Moe's, then into the grocery store and then read her stories and put her down for her nap. *Big sigh of relief* My daughter might not be permanantley attached to me after all. (Michelle - when are you moving back??!) And then today I left Emily with my mom while I did my visiting teaching for church --- and no major tears, just whining! Woo Hoo Emily!
And Thursday.... we have our ultrasound!!!!


Leah said...

Woah busy week!
Hey Suzanne, if you ever want to drop Emily off to give her a try at mi casa (where she'll have plenty of entertainment for sure), please let me know. I'd be more than happy to take her for a little bit, and give it a try. :)


natals said...

your haircut looks cute!