Thursday, September 4, 2008

Girls Weekend!

I did it.... I spent a weekend away from Emily... and everyone survived. I was a little worried about Emily and Andy making it on their own, but they did great. Granted I got a few phone calls from Andy wondering what Emily was trying to tell him, (only a mother can understand her babble!). I also had a wonderful time at the girls' weekend celebrating my mom's 60th birthday.

My mom, her sisters and mom, my sisters and cousin all got together at my aunt's house in Virginia. The highlight was that my mom's mom (aka Mom Mom) flew up from Florida to surprise my mom. It was a great surprise even though Mom Mom thought we forgot about her and had left her hiding upstairs. We stayed up late chatting Friday night and then Saturday spent the day shopping, eating a yummy lunch, shopping some more, getting ice cream and then watching Mom Mom and Mom buy some beautiful jewelry.

Saturday night we stayed in for a fun luau party complete with homemade Hawaiian pizza, pina coldas, bunko, hawaiian leis, and dancing with shower caps (I am not sure how the shower caps fit with the theme). Anyways, my mom, Mom Mom and aunts busted out the electric slide and were ready to party all night long. However my sisters, cousin and I could barely keep our eyes open. By the way, check out Mom Mom dancing... can you believe she is almost 80??! She is a riot.

I hope Mom enjoyed her party. She deserved the celebration since she does so much for everyone else. I think she spent everyday of her summer break doing something for someone else. She cares so much about each of her grandchildren and works hard to develop a special relationship with each one of them. Emily sure loves her and talks about her throughout the day. At dinner on Friday before the trip. Emily kept leaning over and hugging on Nana. I am sure it helps that Nana always has a small gift for each child every time she sees them. Just kidding Nana, I am sure Emily would still love you without the presents.

Happy Birthday Nana! You don't look a day over 30!


Nana said...
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Nana said...

I loved every minute of the celebration. Thank you Andrew for taking such good care of Emily. I love you guys!

Jen said...

Your mom looks AMAZING!!!! Happy Belated birthday, Donna!

leah said...

That looks like the most fun ever!!! :)