Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunny Day!

Everyday Emily wakes up and asks, "Is it summer yet? I really want to wear summer clothes!" One day last week, I was able to tell her it wasn't summer, but it felt like it outside.
She quickly put on summer clothes and headed outside. We had lots of fun spending the day in the sun! And there is just something about a fun day in the sun that makes you want to take LOTS of pictures!


Riding bikes - she really needs a real bike.
Her legs are too long for the tricycle!

Snack break

Blowing bubbles


We enjoyed some time down by the pond

We also enjoyed time on the hammock. Well, Sarah doesn't like the hammock, so she just pushed us. Don't you love my big belly that Emily is using as a pillow!

Then we finished the morning off with a picnic!

I love these little girls and I was so happy to spend time having fun with them before the baby comes!

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