Saturday, November 19, 2011

Late Night with Roy

Per our annual tradition.... we all went to Late Night with Roy in Chapel Hill again this year. I must say this year was the most stressful with all 3 kids. There was way too many potty breaks (at very inconvenient times), one accident in the pants (right after a potty break), crying over a spilled drink, crying about the loud noise, crying for no reason! But we made it through and tried to enjoy it the best we could. 
Next year, we are leaving the kids home!

Not really a fan of this picture of myself, but I needed to prove I was there.

As usual, the bus ride was the favorite part!

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Lindsay said...

I think you are SO brave to take your kids to that every year! I'm sure beside the potty breaks, crying fits & accidents, it was lots of fun. :) Next year you guys deserve to go without little ones. :)