Monday, May 19, 2008

Daddy's Girl

For the past few days, Emily has really been a daddy's girl. She only wants him to hold her and will push my hands away if I try to get her out of his arms. I have to pry her out of his hands as he leaves for work. On Friday we went to his branch to sign some papers to refinance our home. Then we bought some BBQ plates from a local church and had lunch in his office. Emily loved checking out his office and acting like she was the boss. She was strutting herself around the halls and carrying her purse that she won't leave the house without. Andy's coworkers got such a kick out of her.

Emily jumps up and runs to the door when Andy gets home. He usually takes her outside for a walk around the yard while I finish up dinner. I love these pictures of the Emily on Andy's shoulders. Andy has silly faces, but I think they are cute. She was laughing while poking his eyes out and then giving him sweet hugs. I am such a lucky girl to have these two in my life!

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