Monday, May 19, 2008


For those that don't know (and probably don't care) New Kids on the Block are getting back together for a renioun tour. Friday they performed on the Today Show and I will admit that I was a little too excited to watch them. However not as excited as Emily... she was jamming! She loves to dance and it was so funny seeing her dance to "Hangin' Tough." Poor Emily- the only music I ever play in the house or car is country and now I am forcing her to listen to New Kids. Don't worry I won't be taking her to their concert! (I don't think Andy would let me.)

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Chapman Family said...

I watched on Friday too...and let me just say it was sooo great!! Who could ask for more than the boy band from childhood to get back together!! I went to their concert when I was 8 with my older sister and it is something I will never forget...I think a reunion concert may be in the future, if they aren't already sold out. :)