Monday, May 24, 2010

Emily's Dance Recital

Emily had her 1st dance recital this week. She has been taking a tap/ballet combo dance class every week since last September. Let me just admit, I was pretty nervous about this recital. Growing up I quit dance TWICE because I didn't want to do the recital. Sometimes Emily is a little timed and can get overwhelmed easily, so I was praying she would make it out on stage. And she did AWESOME!

We had the dress rehearsal a few days before and that really helped her get used to the stage and being backstage without me.

Look at silly Sarah trying to make a "funny face."

Emily and Fallon


Hair and Makeup

Ballet - "The Garden Song"

I love that she looks so confident and is staring straight into the audience.

Hmmm, I am not sure what move they are actually supposed to be doing here. All three of the girls are doing something different. HA!

Tap- "Splish Splash"

Love the cute bathtub props they had. Poor Maire got a little scared and walked off.

Emily really knew the tap routine. I practiced with her every night the week before the recital and it really made a difference. She never looked over at the teacher and all the girls were following her lead. Way to go, Emily!

Trophy, flowers from Aunt Sharon and ballet shoes necklace from Mom and Dad.

So proud of our girl!

We were so happy that Nana and Larry, Aunt Sharon and Grandma and Grandpa came to cheer her on. It made it a very special day for her.


Lindsay said...

What great pictures! You did a great job with her hair & make-up. I'll need your tips for Kaitlyn's recital at the end of June. I bet Emily was so happy with herself that she did such a great job dancing. I know how she loves that little necklace of hers.

Carolina Chocolate said...

How. Stinkin. CUTE!!! She's adorable!

Ashley said...

She's looks so grown up with all that make-up. Next stop - pageants!