Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was GREAT for me. Actually, the whole weekend was great.

Friday night, we had friends over (see previous post). We convinced the guys to take all the kids inside, so Bekah, Jaime and I could hang out by the fire... relax... chat... drink our cokes!

Saturday, I went to the cannery with Bekah and Jaime. Once again, quality girls time. The poor dads were worn out by the time we got home. And that night happened to be our date night. NICE!

Sunday - Andy made breakfast! Then my mom and Larry came over for dinner. I felt so blessed to have my sweet girls and my mom with me on Mother's Day. My mom is the absolutely the best mom and friend. And of course, I am a mom to the best girls. However, I am still working on becoming the best mom myself.

Oh, and mom and I both got certificates for 90 minute back massages.

Can't wait to cash those in!

(Sadly Sarah was already in bed and didn't make the picture)

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Erin Marriott said...

I love your mom! We need to get together with her soon, I could hang out with her all day! (although I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm a complete space case with all our stories!!Lol!) Anyway, glad you were able to relax on mothers day, and how exciting for your 90 minute massage! wow!