Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Girls

Here are a few cute things Emily has been saying lately:
  • The other night at bedtime I told her she had 5 mintues before it was bedtime. Her reply was "10 minutes!!!" Andy busted out laughed and then Emily started acting silly and was laughing at herself. Now she likes to say "10 minutes"and start laughing.
  • We have been around family a lot this week and Emily must have picked up on everyone calling us by our names. So she has started calling us Suzie and Andy. (It really bugs Andy)
Her new favorite phrase is "Oh Gosh!" I don't know where she picked this one up from but she walks around the house saying it.

Sarah is the best little baby (so far). She hardly ever cries, except during a bath or diaper changes. She HATES both of those.

She is a good little eater and has taken to nursing without any problems. She is really starting to put on some weight. She was 7 lbs 6oz at her 2 week checkup.

She still sleeps ALL THE TIME, but has begun having more awake periods during the day. Nighttime is getting better. The first week she was awake during 2 am - 4 am, but now she just wakes up to nurse every 3 hours and then goes right back to sleep.

The best thing is these little girls is that they LOVE each other. Emily loves to get as close as possible to Sarah's face and stare at her. Hopefully there is some bonding going on here.

And on a side note... we got a new camera for our anniversary/Christmas present. Our old camera has a serious delay and we always miss the cute shots. So we went all out and got a fancy one that we have no idea how to use. Actually Andy has been reading a lot on the web and might take a class to figure it all out. But already we has taken some really cute shots.


leah said...

I was going to be asking you if you got a SLR camera!?! :)

How exciting!

What sweet and beautiful little girls they are, Suzie! ;)

Jen said...

I bet they'll be the best of friends!

Erin said...

Isn't it so exciting to say "the girls"?? I remember bringing Nathan home from the hospital and saying something about "the boys" and I just got all tickled! Sarah is adorable and looked beautiful in her blessing gown!!

Shawn said...

So cute. Thanks for sharing the updates. :)