Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankful for my family

We have had a great time introducing Sarah to all her new relatives. Andy's family came down to visit her the weekend after she was born. Chandler (2 yrs old) wanted to hold her the whole time and wouldn't let her go. I am sure Sarah enjoyed all the attention.

We went down to my dad's for Thanksgiving dinner last Sunday. However I am kicking myself because I didn't get a picture of Sarah with my dad. Ugh! However I did get a birthday shot with Layni (my little sister). She turned 6 a few days before I turned... never mind you don't need to know that. I decided to stop counting this year.

Then we went to my mom's house for a few days for Thanksgiving. My oldest sister Christine was there with her family and then my younger sister Ashley came with her girls on Saturday (her studious husband had to get back to school). We had a great visit. Us girls saw Twilight one night and the guys saw the James Bond movie another night. We also did some Black Friday shopping. Andy was out with the early birds at 5:00 (he absolutely loves Black Friday) and the girls went later. Of course, the cousins had a great time playing together and with Nana and Sarah was spoiled again.

I loved being with my sisters. They totally spoileded me and my baby. They changed her, dressed her and carried her around while shopping (and I am sure they would nurse her if they could -- just kidding, we don't go that far!)

Our Thanksgiving dinner was very nice and yummy. Isn't it funny how it takes all day to prepare the meal, and yet the meal doesn't last long at all??! I think this post sums up what I am thankful for ... a healthy new baby and a wonderful family to share her with!


Jen said...

How sweet! Glad you guys had a great thanksgiving! So aren't you like 31 now? I think I'm right! But then again, who's counting cause I'm soon to be right there with ya~

Nana said...

Sarah Beth is such a good baby....Everyone, young and old, enjoyed just holding her. She even got Noah to sit still. Her blessing was beautiful.

Lindsay said...

Hey Suzanne! I hope you guys are doing well and adjusting to be having another little one. I wanted to talk to you before I left but things got a little crazy. Have a great month, I'll see you when I get back!