Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah's Birth Story

Here is the story of Sarah's arrival:
At 8:15 am we went in for my doctor's appointment. He said I was 4 cm dilated and then he striped my membranes. I started having contractions as soon as we got in the car. I called the doctor back and they just wanted me to lie down and drink water. I did that for awhile, but the contractions we still coming every 10 minutes. So they had me go back to the office at 1:30 pm and I was now 5 cm so they sent me on to the hospital. A big THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Natalie for watching Emily until my mom got into town.
At the hospital they checked me and asked if I wanted an epidural --- for some reason I decided to be brave and said NO (since I didn't have one with Emily). Seriously??! Looking back, I realize there is no need to be brave because it is really, really going to hurt!! (I must have forgotten how much it hurt with Emily). So they broke my water at 3:20 pm and 4 contractions later I was begging for an epidural. Too late! It was soon time to start pushing. They hurried and set the room up and called the doctor and after 2 pushes she was here! So in the whole scheme of things, the pain didn't last too long. And once the pain was over, I had a sweet little girl to hold.

Picture on left - 3:25 pm (right after they broke my water)
Picture on right - 4:05 pm ( moments after she was born)

As you can tell, she came out crying!! Thankfully, she hasn't been crying much since then.
Picture on left - Sarah and I with Dr. McKenzie. He also delivered Emily and is my dad's fraternity brother.
Picture on right - The proud papa (and great labor coach!) Did I mention he held the bed pan and held my hair back as I threw up during labor??! Thanks honey!

We are so happy Sarah is here and is healthy!


Fisher Crew said...

Yeah, I learned after having paige naturally and her being 9 1/2 pounds, that going with out the epidural wasn't the way to go. I am so happy that your labor was short and that you have such a beautiful baby after the pain. Congratulations!

leah said...

awwww!!! huge congrats suzanne!!!

she's absolutely perfect, and i am so totally impressed with how quickly things went! you know how to birth a baby, woman!


Lindsay said...

I just loved holding that sweet baby tonight. She is seriously so beautiful! You are now a family of four...crazy!

Carolina Chocolate said...

Oh! This is wonderful. You're very brave and lucky she came so quickly. Good for you! We're very excited for you both. Andy, you're beaming! You're the dad of two GIRLS. Don't you love it? Congrats again.

TURNERS said...

you are totaly on the top of my mommy list! two babys, no epi!!!
you are women :) great to hear that all is well. we'll be looking forward to seeing her, she is so beautiful!!! congrats~

Ashley said...

If I knew my babies would come out that quick, I might pass on the epidural. All those times you were teased about your breeding hips, well who's laughing now? You lucky girl.

We all love you and are excited to meet our new neice/cousin.

Perky's Posts said...

Congratulations! Babies are so wonderful! We only know boys here. They are so fun too! Christy

Erin Marriott said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you guys, and little Sarah Elizabeth is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait to meet this little bundle of pink!!

natals said...

Wow! You do beat all, Suzanne!

Emily was such a joy to have over. David pampered her to pieces. It was so cute. She's welcome any time. :)

Jen said...

Congrats Suzie-Q! She is BEAUTIFUL! I've learned from the last 2 births that I've had, ALWAYS get the drugs! My 1st delivery was a walk in the park. The next 2, not so much. I went so fast and the dr's wouldn't listen to me that it was time. Therefore, no drugs. I feel for ya woman. Don't you just feel like you could take on the world after a natural birth? We are women, hear us roar!!!!

Sarah and Devin said...

Wow--first of all, wow to you not getting an epidural, and two, wow because you look so gorgeous after giving birth! Not fair! = )
Congrats--she is just beautiful!

abhau Family said...

Congrats to the parents! Another beauty! I am feeling a little sheepish that I asked you to be my helper last week in Nursery. You looked like you were 5 month along, not 1 week from giving birth! Some friend I am. Let me know if there is anything you need. I get dibs to hold her first!!!! meg