Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween (week)

I don't think I realized before I had kids that Halloween is actually a week long celebration, not just the one night of trick or treating. We had tons of fun parties and activties to get all dressed up for.

Joyschool Halloween Party

Sarah as a Flapper and Emily a Snow Princess!
Sarah is quite the social butterfly.
She loves to see her friends and always makes sure they see her. She likes to get in there face to say Hey.

 We were a little late getting to the party because Emily likes to change her costumes right as we are about to get in the car. We missed the games, but we made it for the cookie decorating and food!

Costume Night at Dance Class

Emily was Belle this time. Her class has been learning a routine to "Ghost Busters." They performed it for the parents and it was so cute. Emily loves the part where they yell "Ghost Busters!!" 

 Costumes at Chick Fil A

Usually after dance class, we eat dinner at Chick Fil A since it is close by and Kids' Night. This week they were have a costume party, so we ate there after dance class since we already had on the costumes!
They had some fun activities...
Face Painting

Photo Op with a pony

 A cow dressed up as a princess! (emily loved this)

Painting pumpkins

And of course ice cream (Sarah's favorite)

Downtown Trick or Treating
Every year our town closes off Main Street for trick or treating on the Friday before Halloween. A lot of the store owners come out side to hand out candy. I think it is a cute tradition and I just love living in a small town.

At the town square, they had games and booths set up. The girls each got a cookie and then we headed home to get ready for our next Halloween party later that night.

Trunk or Treat
Friday night our ward had a trunk or treat and chili cookoff.  The boundaries for our ward recently changed, so it was our last activity with alot of the families. It was a little bittersweet, but it was a good time.


I love the happy faces in this pic...and that Sarah is trying to get in on the hug. She loves Kaitlyn too!

FINALLY -- Trick or Treating!!!
These girls were so excited about trick or treating. After the trick or treating downtown and Trunk or treat, Sarah knew exactly what to do.
Emily, again, changed her costume at the last minute. I am not even sure what she was this time.

First we walked up our street, however most people just put bowls of candy on the doorstep, so Emily was getting a little anxious to say "Trick or Treat." So we headed over to the Helmer's neighborhood to meet up with Logan and Zoe.

These 2 little girls were quite a laugh. They took their own time walking behind us, chatting and eating candy the whole time.

This was the best we could for a group picture. Obvisously Sarah and Zoe had WAY TOO MUCH candy.

However this picture is PERFECT. I love it.
I think they look like they are 16!!! Oh no!


Carolina Chocolate said...

So fun! Emily is hilarious with all her costume changes.

Ashley said...

That was quite the Halloween extravaganza! Your Chick-fil-A does some cute stuff.