Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Sarah!

I can't believe Sarah Baby is already 2!

Here are a few fun tidbits about her:

Sarah wakes up happy every morning. She will call out in a sing song voice, "Mommy (or Daddy), Where are you?" Usually Andy takes her downstairs to play while Emily and I (the non morning people) snuggle in bed watching cartoons

She loves to sing. Her favorite songs are "Wheels on the Bus," "Popcorn Popping" or Head, Shoulders,Knees and Toes." I have heard she really gets into Singing Time in her nursery class.

She loves talking on the phone and pulls the phone off my ear, so she can talk.

She is talking up a storm these days. She is saying lots of words and complete sentenances.

She can count to 5 and we have starting talking about letters with her.

She knows all her animals sounds, however she refers to a duck as "quack" and calls a horse "neigh" instead of the actual animal name.

She wants to do EVERYTHING Emily does.

She loves her big sister. The other day, Sarah and I were playing together upstairs and Emily called for Sarah to come downstairs. Sarah jumped up and ran downstairs and forgot all about me!

However if Emily makes her mad, Sarah doesn't hold back. She will run into Emily's room to mess everything up and then go running out as fast as she can!

She is very social and will say hey to everyone she sees and tries to look right into their eyes to get them to acknowledge her. She definitely wants more of my attention than Emily does and I think that is because Sarah is so much more social and needs the interaction.

She calls herself "WaWa." I try to get her to say Sarah instead, so I say SAARRRAAHHH really slow. She responds by saying "WWWAAAA WAAAAAA" really slow. Cracks me up!

She loves to ask "What's that?" and points to something. I tell her what it is and she just responds with "Oh." And she has some crazy double jointed pointer fingers. Ask her to show you because she loves to show them off.

We are not potty training yet, but I think we are getting close.

I only have a few complaints about Sarah... (I can complain about my own kids, right).
She does not do well at meals, no matter if we are at home or out. She won't stay in her seat. Nor does she like to stay in the stroller or gocery cart.
She has a MAJOR sweet tooth and has meltdowns if she can't have candy/cookies etc.
She hits and pulls hair.
Her hair is taking FOREVER to grow out.


Our Crazy Happy Family said...

Sarah is SUCH a super singer in nursery! She makes me laugh every Sunday! She is so animated when she sings!

Ashley said...

The running into Emily's room to mess it up, then running out is hilarious!

Excited to see the girls next week!