Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simon and Baby Claire

Emily has been friends with Simon since the day he was born (he was born just 4 months after her). Sadly, the Boneys moved further away last year, but she still loves Simon. His little sister Claire was just born, so we went to visit them. Emily and Simon gave each other the biggest hug we they saw each other and then quickly jumped into his tractor. Sarah hopped in the back seat.

Obviously Emily drives like her mother and she scrapped against the gate as they entered the fence! Sarah jumped out at that point.

Then Emily drove straight into the shed! This girl will NOT be getting a new car when she turns 16.

Simon figured it was time he got back into the driver seat.

And off they went!

Sarah went back and forth from playing outside with Simon and Emily and staying inside to cuddle with cute little Claire!
Then we went back for Claire's blessing. Emily and Simon were so cute sitting together at church. However I think Sarah and Emily will be fighting over Simon soon. Sarah and Simon were cute tickling and giggling with each other. Emily kept leaning over telling them to be quiet.
And our little baby girl can't wait to hang out with Claire in a few months!

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