Friday, October 17, 2008

The Big Day!

OK, I promise this is my last post dedicated to Emily's birthday. But I just can't get over that my little baby is 2!

Emily and I spent her birthday shopping at the outlet mall with Simon and Jennifer. We had a lot of fun, however Emily was trying to boss Simon around without any success. In Gymboree they had little chairs in front of a TV for kids to watch. Emily LOVES some TV, however Simon could care less. Bossy little Emily kept saying "Sie (her name for Simon) Sit! Sit!" while pointing to the chair next to her. Simon didn't pay her any attention. Typical boy/girl relationship!

We met up again later that night (with husbands) for dinner. Once again, we had a good time and Emily got some CUTE shirts from them, Mr Potato head from Katelyn and her first nightgown from us.


Jen said...

How sweet!

'Drew's only friend said...

The epitomy of cuteness!... Hey Andy, I'm still waiting for you to visit. I hear flights to Iraq are pretty cheap right now, how 'bout it?

Carolina Chocolate said...

Hey, don't apologize for any posts about your baby! She's adorable.